This weeks' highlight was the unveiling of the new professional look for 373 Group.  For those of you who don't know who they are, they are a business networking group in the South West, which was developed to help existing or potential small businesses make the contacts, obtain the knowledge and gain the inspiration to help their businesses grow successfully.  The two founders are friends, Chris Lorimer and Tom Hope.  Chris is a business consultant and Tom is a social media consultant.

This is a professional brand co-ordinated website with all the modern technologies allowing Chris and Tom the functionality to place events on Eventbrite and without any further time loss the event is automatically picked up on the site.  An integrated app saving time for these busy professionals.  Please do take a look at their up and coming events for some exciting speakers and business networking opportunities.

We have really enjoyed working with Chris and Tom and wish them all the best with this collaborative, friendly and knowledgeable group.  We look forward to continuing to working with you.