This morning I attended the first networking event of 2016.  Served with banana waffle and maple syrup! Brilliant I thought until I sat and listen to the statistics of how many homeless/sleeping rough people we actually have in our area, and how so many young people just don't have the opportunities and access to things like most of the young people do.  Bethan Spencer and Peter Stephenson provided a talk about some of these interesting facts and about how important it is for us to help support the fundraising events to help support these young people in need.

The YMCA's new big event to help raise these fund is called sleep easy! Yes, you've got it, you will get the chance to sleep 'rough' for one night only!

Please do take a look on their website for more information on this event and if you wish to take part Bethan would be delighted to hear from you!

For more information, visit: