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Feeling inspired

14 Nov 2016 Sandra Wright General

Well today I've written three blogs all from different industries. It is great to do the research and then be able to put all the information together to create a truly great piece of writing which inspires people to read and maybe get some help along the way.

Blog writing for some people can be quite tiresome and not really their cup of tea. However blogs are one of the most important ways of keeping your web content fresh and also to enhance your website with SEO phrases which will be picked up in searches by your potential clients. Blogs are also important as if you are a regular blogger, you build a relationship with the people who regularly read your blog posts. Blogging for all these reasons drives people to your website creating the possibility of potential customers and leads. Every time you blog it will be another indexed page on your website which means more opportunity that your website will be found when keywords are typed into search engines.

Here are the do's and don'ts about blog writing:

- make grammar and spelling mistakes, this puts readers off reading your posts
- just make list of keywords that you think will benefit you on search rankings. It won't
- be negative, controversial or personal (unless this is your line of work). I have seen many people adding personal items on professional sites causing people to form a negative opinion about that company

Do always:
- be yourself, this helps to connect with people reading your blog
- always add in a picture, this makes it more colourful and appealing to readers
- use links to other websites, helps with search engine rankings
- once you're finished writing your blog don't forget to share it on social media

Happy Blogging!