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Web ApplicationsExperts in developing high quality web applications using Open Source technologies

Web framework

Django Development in Devon

'The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.'
We develop the 'business logic' of our web applications using Django. Django is an open source, high-level Python Web framework. All our applications come with a comprehensive test suite. This allows us to quickly make changes to your site without “breaking” existing features.

Cross Browser


We design all our sites using standard cross browser HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. By using these standards we can provide the same visual experience in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera). Our templates are built using the Bootstrap framework.

Our Designs are Responsive

Responsive Web Design

We use Responsive Web Design when designing the layout of our web pages. The aim is to provide the best viewing experience of our websites across devices of various screen sizes. For example, if you are viewing a website on a desktop or laptop computer and then viewing it on a smart phone or tablet the visual experience should feel the same.

Advanced Database

Database driven with PostgreSql

Our standard database platform is PostgreSQL, an incredibly reliable, high performance SQL compliant, open source object-relational database system.

Everything in Cloud

Rackspace Cloud

We host our sites on Rackspace Cloud Servers. Rackspace cloud servers are fast, flexible, scalable and highly reliable cloud storage solutions. Our cloud servers are UK based.